The CANDAC IPY Northern Experience Program

Britney Allen

Britney hails from Victoria, British Columbia. She is in grade 12 at Esquimalt High School, and she works as a bilingual babysitter for military families. Having done a Gene Researcher for a Week internship, genetics is of particular interest to this aspiring young scientist. She is a 3rd kyu brown belt in Shotokan Karate, and she enjoys playing both guitar and piano. She hopes to become a scientist, a lawyer, or a doctor, and to bridge the gap between her primary passions: science and politics. She can’t wait to meet new people - and a new climate – in the Arctic!

Amanda Boudreau

From the Yukon, we have participant Amanda Boudreau who currently lives in Whitehorse. She attends Académie-Parhélie and is in 11 grade. When she is not working or at school, Amanda likes listening to music, swimming at the Canada Games Center and hanging out with friends. Her goal for the future is to attend a university where she can continue her learning of science and the inner working of things. She is most looking forward to getting to visit Eureka.

Abby Crombez

Abby currently is a grade twelve student at Norwich District High School in Norwich, Ontario. She lives on a ginseng farm and loves spending her time outdoors. Abby is actively involved in school as she is the Deputy Prime Minister, a member of the Athletic Society and she is also on the basketball, volleyball, badminton, and soccer teams. Abby recently had the pleasure of spending her last two summers working in remote Northern Ontario at fly-inn fishing and hunting camps. She is looking forward to being immersed into the Inuit Culture and exploring the Atmospheric Research Center in Eureka.

Philippe Dufresne

Phil was born in Sault-St-Marie ON but currently lives in North Bay ON. He is a proud Baron in his 12th grade at École Secondaire Catholique Algonquin. He wishes to follow his studies at the University of Ottawa pursuing math to one day be a teacher. His past times include mainly sports, hockey being his favorite. He enjoys just hanging around with his friends and he loves the Beatles. He’s excited and cannot wait to meet all the other participants and get to explore the North.

Charla Gaudet

Charla is a seventeen year old grade 12 student from the small town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. She enjoys playing sports such as volleyball, soccer and snowboarding, volunteering in her community and participating in her high school student council. She’s excited to travel to the Arctic for the first time and to meet lots of new people.

Susan Mengxiao Ge

Susan Mengxiao Ge is a grade 11 student from D'Arcy McGee High School in Gatineau Quebec. She is a driven individual who loves to travel, lives for adventure and immensely enjoys meeting new people from all across the world. Susan never hesitates to try new things and is always thirsty for knowledge about the world around her. When travelling to the Arctic this spring, Susan is looking forward to meeting a bunch of marvelous new people and learning about Inuit culture as well as the impacts of climate change.

Alexander Harmsen

Alexander Harmsen lives in Cobourg Ontario. He is a Grade 11 student in the International Baccalaureate Program and is very interested in engineering for his post-secondary studies. In his spare time he plays trumpet in various bands, is on the senior soccer team, and enjoys flying on weekends with his recently acquired pilot's license. He is thrilled at the idea and is really looking forward to flying across Canada to a place which is going to be awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping with its beauty, culture and diversity.

George Kitching

George lives in Toronto and is a grade 11 high school student doing the International Baccalaureate. He likes lots of sports, particularly volleyball, and is looking forward to trying Inuit Games. He is keen to learn more about climate change in the North from CANDAC scientists and from the Inuit. He is looking forward to meeting Inuit elders and young people and of course being as far north as possible!

Jasmine Mah

Jasmine lives in Port Coquitlam, and is currently in her senior year at Meadowridge Secondary. Of her many hobbies, she loves to play the bass (both electric and upright), and create art; especially clay flutes. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in architecture where she can apply concepts of permaculture, sustainability, and her experiences from the CANDAC program. She can't wait to meet the Resolute locals and students from across Canada, and is very excited to tell the folks back in BC all about the trip!

Marc-Antoine Mailloux-Labrousse

Marc-Antoine is from Quebec City. He is in secondary five (or 11th grade) at the “Petit Séminaire de Québec”. His favorite hobbies are reading and playing piano. His favorite sport is badminton and plays in his school’s league. At school, he likes math, chemistry and biology. Marc-Antoine also participated in the organization of 2008 Arctic Climate Change Youth Forum (ACCYF) which happened in Quebec City. He very looks forward to the Northern Experience trip, to see how the population lives in the Arctic, to see how the scientists do their research and experiments.

Yvonne Meulenbroek

Yvonne has been living in Norman Wells, Northwest Territories for the past four years, and enjoys most varieties of sports and music. She is in the 11th grade, and is homeschooled with the Alberta Distance Learning Centre. Her hobbies include travelling, collecting stuffed Pokémon, and writing poetry. She is excited to visit the high Arctic and meet the other participants of the Northern Experience Program this spring.

Courtney Northrup

Courtney Northrup is currently in grade 12 at Ecole Sir John Franklin High School in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She is a competitive swimmer with the Yellowknife Polar Bear Swim Club, and is training for the Canada Summer Games in August 2009. She has been involved in the Drama program, Grad Council and Green Team at her school. Courtney is looking forward to expanding her love of the North, its people, and its culture, and she is thrilled to be apart of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ariel Raudsepp

Hi, my name is Ariel Raudsepp. I live in St.. Albert, a city close to Edmonton, in sunny Alberta. I am a grade 11 student at Paul Kane High School. I am a competitive cross-country skier and triathlete, who loves snow more than anything! When I’m not out training, I enjoy playing violin or hanging with friends and family. After graduating, I hope to pursue study in Science related programs or travel for awhile. After seeing pictures of the Arctic from my sister, who went last summer, I got interested in the Arctic and want to experience true Canadian landscape!

Megan Ursic

Megan Ursic is a grade 11 student at Collingwood School in West Vancouver, BC. When not at school or studying, she can usually be found playing soccer, rowing, or just hanging out with friends. She loves travelling, and is really looking forward to the Northern Experience Program and meeting all of the other participants.

Kyle White

Kyle White lives in Old Perlican, Newfoundland. He is a level two student at Baccalieu Collegiate and his favorite subject is Geography. He spends his free time writing music, hanging out with friends, playing sports and tutoring peers. He is planning on becoming a marine cook following high school. He is looking forward to the adventure he'll experience while exploring the Artic and meeting lots of new people.