Eureka Stratospheric Ozone Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL)

The Eureka Stratospheric Ozone Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) is a five-channel lidar located at the Ridgelab of the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory. The instrument transmits at 308 nm (ozone "on line") and 353 nm (ozone "off line"). It receives elastic returns at both transmitter wavelengths and inelastic returns at 332 and 385 nm (Raman scattering on nitrogen molecules), as well as 405 nm (Raman scattering on water vapour molecules). The data is collected at five-minute intervals. The instrument operates during the night time and in clear or partiality clear sky conditions. Ozone vertical profiles are calculated using traditional ozone data retrievals method using both 308/353 nm and 332/385 nm wavelength pairs within an altitude range of 10-45 km. Water vapour content is retrieved using 385/406 nm wavelength pair within an altitude range of 1-6 km. The back-scattered signals are also used to retrieve temperature in the stratosphere and mesosphere.

DIAL stratospheric nightly mean ozone number density

For more information about the Eureka Stratospheric DIAL Instrument and data,
please contact Dr. Alexey Tikhomirov

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