Dr. Pierre Fogal

I am the CANDAC/PEARL site manager responsible for over-seeing day-to-day operations on site and the organization of visits, campaigns, etc. to the PEARL site. My research instruments include infra-red spectroscopic measurements of atmospheric composition. Techniques used include both "transmission" where the infra-red energy transmitted through the atmosphere is measured , as well as "emission" where the energy is actually emitted by the atmosphere itself. These measurements are usually carried out by using a Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) spectrometer. Non CANDAC/PEARL areas of research include similar measurements from other locations and from stratospheric balloon platforms. I have an interest in related spectroscopic measurement techniques including long-path FTIR.


Phone: 416-978-8991

University of Toronto Department of Physics

Mrs. Olga Summers

Olga Summers joined the CANDAC group in April 2014. She provides financial and administrative support for the Probing the Atmosphere of the High Arctic (PAHA) project. Olga also provides research support for the CANDAC Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar (MMCR) located in Eureka, NU and is involved in the education and outreach activities at Dalhousie University.

Olga earned her B.Sc in Physics at University of Victoria. Her past experience includes working with the optics group at TRIUMF (Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics) and being involved in the outreach group for the Dominion Observatory in Victoria, BC.


Phone: 902-494-5124

Dalhousie University

Ms. Aubyn O'Grady

Aubyn is the CANDAC Education/Outreach Facilitator based at the University of Toronto. She holds a Human Geography degree from Concordia University and has a wide variety of experience working in the Arctic. Aubyn organizes student- led research programs, classroom visits, and other educational collaborations for the CANDAC Outreach Program. For more information and teacher resources, please visit the outreach website.



Education and Outreach Facilitator

Mr. Yan Tsehtik

Yan has more than twenty years of experience in data management working through his career as a geophysicist, meteorological engineer, programmer, research associate, database administrator and data manager. He participated in several International research data management projects such as MEDAR/MEDATLAS II and Sea-Search. Yan joined the CANDAC team in September 2007 as a Data Manager.


Phone: 902-494-6937

Dalhousie University