CANDAC Fall 2019 mission at Eureka is completed

Major power outage at 0PAL

Prof. Kim Strong, CANDAC PI, has been elected to Fellow of Royal Society of Canada (FRSC)

Prof. Jim Drummond has been awarded the Martin Bergmann Medal

Funding of PEARL

The road to the Ridge Lab has been successfully repaired after a major washout

CANDAC/PAHA annual 2019 Workshop was held on May 6 - May 7, 2019 in Toronto. 

Each spring, as the sun comes up at Eureka for the first time in four months, a group of researchers from the Universities of Toronto, York and Western Ontario travel to Eureka to make measurements of the atmosphere.

CANDAC published its September 2013 newsletter on "Seeing Way Up From PEARL". PDF copies can be downloaded from the CANDAC_Newsletters page under the Links tab above.

We have a new camera near the Ridge Laboratory at Eureka, which enables the team to monitor the weather conditions on the Ridge.