Management of the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science 


The organizational chart for the CREATE Training Program is shown in the figure below.  It is linked to the CANDAC/PEARL management structure, but has its own distinct components.



Training Program Committee


This committee guides the strategic direction of the Program in an advisory capacity.   It provides input and guidance in the conduct of program reviews, any related major changes in the program, and in the setting of performance indicators and program evaluation. The six members of this committee are as follows:


Shannon Hicks
PhD student, University of Western Ontario, Trainees' Representative
Dr. Cathy Banic
Acting Director, Air Quality Research Division (AQRD), Environment Canada Representative
Dr. Jacques Giroux
Business Development Manager, Remote Sensing at ABB Bomem, Industrial Representative
Professor David Hik
niversity of Alberta, Academic Representative
  Professor Kimberly Strong
University of Toronto, Training Program Director, Non-voting Member
Professor Stephen Julian
Chair, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Administration Representative


PAHA Trainees’ Advisory Committee - Current Members


This committee represents the interests of students, both undergraduate and graduate, and post-doctoral fellows who are associated with the Program. It promotes interactions between the young researchers and CANDAC, organizes social and research-related events, provides opportunities for networking, and advises the Training Program Committee on trainee affairs through its representative on that committee.  The members of this committee are as follows:


Shannon Hicks,
(PhD, University of Western Ontario)

Ralf Bauer
(PhD, University of Toronto)
Laurence Coursol
(MSc, Université de Quebec a Montreal)
Yasmin Aboel Fetouh
(PhD, U de Sherbrooke)
Ali Jalali
(PhD, U of Western Ontario)
Sebastien Roche,
French Coordinator

(PhD, U of Toronto)


Trainees’ Advisory Committee - Past Members

Cristen Adams,
former Secretary

(PhD, University of Toronto)
Christian Akpanya
(MSc, University of New Brunswick)
Richard Damoah
(PDF, University of Waterloo)
David Daou
(PhD, Université de Sherbrooke)
Jonathan Franklin
(PhD, Dalhousie University)

Debora Griffin,
(PhD, University of Toronto)


Liviu Ivanescu,
(PhD, Université de Sherbrooke)

Felicia Kolonjari,
former Chair
(PhD, University of Toronto)
Zen Mariani,
former Chair
(PhD, University of Toronto)
Emily McCullough,
former Chair

(PhD, University of
estern Ontario)

Joseph Mendonca,
(PhD, University of Toronto)

Chris Perro,
(PhD, Dalhousie University)

Sophie Tran,

(PDF, University of Toronto)

Chris Vail,

(MSc, University of New Brunswick)

Zahra Vaziri,
(PhD, York University)

Dan Weaver,
former Chair

(PhD, University of Toronto)

Robin Wing
, University of
estern Ontario
Xiaoyong Xu
(PDF, University of Saskatchewan)

Kim Strong The Training Program Director (Kimberly Strong, see above) has overall responsibility for the CREATE Training Program.
The Training Program Coordinator (Aubyn O'Grady, University of Toronto) is responsible for day-to-day operations, with the initial emphasis on implementing the various components of the Training Program.
Ashley Kilgour served as the Training Program Coordinator from September 2011 until August 2013.

The CANDAC Network Manager (Lisa Leblanc, Dalhousie University) initially served as the Interim Training Program Coordinator.