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PAHA/EC Collaboration Teleconferences
    Starting in September 2014, we will be having monthly teleconferences between the PAHA researchers and our colleagues at Environment Canada to share research results and to further collaboration opportunities. This month's telecon will be on Monday 22 September at 1 PM EDT. Presenter: Dr. Gerrit Holl, University of Toronto Theme: Satellite Validation Presentation title: Methane cross-validation using PEARL FTIR-retrieved profiles: comparisons with satellite measurements from ACE-FTS and GOSAT To be added to the mailing list for these teleconferences, please contact Prof. Kaley Walker (kwalker AT atmosp.physics.utoronto.ca).
24 hours at PEARL
    We have a new camera near the Ridge Laboratory at Eureka, which enables the team to monitor the weather conditions on the Ridge. This is a short time lapse movie of 24 hours at the Ridge Laboratory taken by the camera on July 16th, 2013.
CANDAC Newsletters
    CANDAC published its September 2013 newsletter on "Seeing Way Up From PEARL". PDF copies can be downloaded from the CANDAC_Newsletters page under the Links tab above. Previous editions of the newsletter can also be found there. If you would like to be added to the newsletter mailing list, please send your email address to newsletters@candac.ca.
    If you would like to be added to the newsletter mailinglist, please send your name and mailing address, including postal code, to info@candac.ca
Donating to PEARL
    We have had a number of enquiries about donating funds to support PEARL. We would invite you to consider a donation to the Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences who have been vigorous supporters of PEARL over many years. They would be happy to route funds to activities in support of PEARL.
PAHA/CANDAC annual 2017 Workshop
    PAHA/CANDAC annual 2017 Workshop was held on May 8-9 in Toronto. For more information, please see the agenda (username/password are required to access the CANDAC presentations).
The Canadian ACE Arctic Validation Campaign 2017
    Each spring, as the sun comes up at Eureka for the first time in four months, a group of researchers from the Universities of Toronto, York and Western Ontario travel to Eureka to make measurements of the atmosphere. The Canadian Arctic ACE Validation Campaign has been running at Eureka since 2004, and is now complemented by the suite of instruments installed at PEARL. Measurements made with CANDAC and ACE campaign instruments allow us to validate the measurements made by the ACE and OSIRIS satellite instruments and to study the processes occurring in the stratosphere. To follow the progress of this year's campaign, please visit our website: https://eureka.physics.utoronto.ca
New Funding for PEARL Research
    CANDAC is pleased to announce that Dalhousie University and Prof. James Drummond have been awarded a $5M grant over five years from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for research in "Probing the Atmosphere of the High Arctic" (PAHA) that closely involves the PEARL facility. This funding began in February 2013. Funds will be used for PEARL operations and for science studies in collaboration with Environment Canada and other government departments. Full details of the announcement can be found on NSERC's web-site.
CREATE Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science
    The NSERC Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program (CREATE) provides students and postdoctoral fellows with training in Arctic Atmospheric Science, including the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation and analysis of large data sets.
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CANDAC Education/Outreach Program
    The CANDAC Outreach and Education Program began with a visit to Qarmartalik School in Resolute Bay, Nunavut in 2004, and has since expanded to the communities of Grise Fiord, Hall Beach, Igloolik, Iqaluit, Pond Inlet, as well as numerous communities in Southern Canada. Activities ranging from the ambitious Northern Experience Program undertaken as part of International Polar Year, to the current Student-Researchers Atmospheric Collaboration have brought students, communities, and researchers together in creative ways to enhance their learning experience, enthuse them about science, and inform them about the Arctic and Arctic issues. We have developed workshop programs appropriate for grades 1 to 12, on topics such as air pollution, ozone depletion, aerosols, climate change, Canadian satellites, space science, and weather.