Air Pollution

Lesson Plan Title

Atmospheric Air Pollution

General Goal(s)

This lesson will introduce the basics of atmospheric air pollution, its impacts, and how it's studied in Canada.

Specific Objectives

Use a computer presentation to present information on air pollution. Specifically:

  • Review of atmosphere
  • Examples of air pollution
    • Smog
  • Transportation of air pollution
  • Measuring air pollution

Required Materials

computer and projector

Air Pollution Lesson Plan Gr. 9-12 PDF
Air Pollution PowerPoint Gr. 9-12 PDF
Air Pollution PowerPoint Gr. 9-12 (Teacher Notes Included) PDF

Step-By-Step Procedures

  • Deliver computer presentation (25 min)
  • Play powerpoint jeopardy (25 min)
    • Divide students into two or more teams
    • Assign a score keeper
    • Play according to normal jeopardy rules having student raise hands in order to answer question

Plan for Independent Practice

Teacher can assign each student a specific type of air pollution. Students can be asked to write a report including information on sources, prevalence, impacts, and chemistry (lifetime of pollution in atmosphere). A possible extension can be made to a class presentation.

Assessment Based on Objectives

Assessment can be made on overall quality and completion of pollution report.

Useful Links

Ozone Layer Fact Sheet

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Clouds in a Jar

Powerpoint Jeopardy Templates

Build a Spectroscope

Spectroscope Activity Sheet


Environmental chemistry, atmosphere, atmospheric pollution, troposphere, stratosphere, emissions, pollution