Atmospheric Chemistry

Leader of the theme: K. Strong
Contributors: J. Drummond, A. Manson, T. McElroy, G. Shepherd, R. Sica, J. Sloan, K. Walker, W. Ward, J. Whiteway, T. Shepherd, J. McConnell, P. Bernath

The overall goal of AMAC is to improve our understanding of the processes controlling the Arctic stratospheric ozone budget and its future evolution, using measurements of the concentrations of stratospheric constituents, in conjunction with dynamical, radiative, aerosol/PSC, and meteorological observations also made at PEARL. These measurements will be used to help answer the following scientific questions:

  • What is the chemical composition of the Arctic stratosphere above PEARL?
  • How is the chemistry coupled to dynamics, microphysics, and radiation?
  • How and why is the chemical composition changing with time?
  • How important is bromine chemistry to the Arctic ozone budget, relative to chlorine chemistry?
  • What is the impact of climate change on future Arctic ozone depletion?