Media Coverage

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Title
06/26/2019 Climate scientists leaving Canada due to lack of funding
11/08/2017 High Arctic lab saved as federal money comes through
06/27/2017 Scientists brace for climate-fund cutoff
01/21/2014 How Canada’s Arctic lab keeps a watchful eye on climate change
05/17/2013 High Arctic research station saved by new funding
02/29/2012 Canada to lose its “PEARL” of Arctic research
02/28/2012 PEARL beyond price: Arctic scientists give up on research station funding
11/01/2011 CBC: Scientists caution against ozone monitoring cuts
05/02/2011 Pickering College Connections Newsletter: Junior and Senior School students collaborate with the Canadian Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Change (CANDAC) on environment data gathering research project
04/27/2011 Northern News Services: Students measure atmospheric change: Scientists at Eureka task Resolute students with data collection
02/22/2011 The Globe and Mail: Saving Canada’s Arctic atmospheric lab
11/22/2010 Industry Canada: Government of Canada Helps University of Toronto Science and Engineering Graduates Enter the Workforce
10/27/2010 PRWeb: Synology DiskStations Help Research Team in the High Arctic Record, Protect and Share Critical Data on Climate Change
04/03/2010 CTV Winnipeg: Climate-change research in Canada waning: scientists
01/22/2010 IASOA: EUREKA 2010: Canadian Arctic Science at 80N
04/15/2009 The Mississauga News: Teacher called to the North
04/01/2009 Norwich Gazette: Crombez headed north for opportunity of a lifetime
04/03/2009 Northumberland News – The Independent: Alex Harmsen travelling to Arctic with Northern Experience program
03/18/2009 Northern News Services: Rainbows and rockets 101
03/12/2009 Cambridge Reporter: Cambridge teacher going north to tell story of climate change
03/04/2009 Government of Newfoundland and Labrador: Contest lands student an opportunity to explore Canada’s High Arctic Region
03/04/2009 Northumberland Today: Student sees Arctic as crystal ball on climate change
02/27/2009 Nunatsiaq News: Money ­uncertainties plague polar research lab
02/17/2009 Arctic research centre scrambles to survive
02/10/2009 IASOA: IPY Press Release
11/16/2007 U Sask on-campus News: Grad Profile: PhD work may improve weather prediction
10/08/2007 Edmonton Journal: Funding freeze ices research
08/20/2007 DalNews: Taking the research plunge
08/01/2007 PAT Journal: Bruker Optics installs a high resolution FT-IR spectrometer to observe atmospheric changes in Canada
05/26/2007 Green News: "Loneliest" Arctic lab to reveal vital clues about earth’ changing climate
03/23/2007 Nunatsiaq News: Polar researchers probe ozone-destroying clouds
05/22/2007 BBC News: Science team lands on Ice Island
05/14/2007 EC EnviroZine: Eureka High Arctic weather station celebrates 60 years of operation
05/04/2007 BBC News: The loneliest science lab in the Arctic
04/01/2007 Popular Mechanics: Voyage to the top of the Earth (almost)
03/01/2007 Follow the Lidar: Researchers at Dalhousie University probe the arctic skies for answers to climate change
02/08/2007 NovaNewsNet: Dal scientists watching climate change
12/17/2006 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online (AP): Thawing clouds: Scientists, native people no longer see global warming as a question
11/27/2006 CBCnews (AP): Arctic clouds could reveal clues about global warming
11/26/2006 Washington Post (AP): Scientists: Climate change clues in sky
11/26/2006 (AP): Arctic scientists look to the clouds for clues to climate change
11/26/2006 International Business Times (AP): Scientists: Climate change clues in sky
11/26/2006 Denver Post (AP): Understanding clouds might enlighten us to global warming
11/26/2006 CTV News (AP): Scientists: Climate change clues in sky
11/26/2006 OutofTimeRadio (AP): Scientists: Climate change clues in sky
10/12/2006 Western News: What's happening over the Arctic?
08/11/2006 Nunatsiaq News: PEARL of the Arctic – Eureka Weather Station Reborn
08/11/2006 Nunatsiaq News: PEARL of the Arctic
07/26/2006 University of Toronto News: EUREKA! Arctic research laboratory opens
03/25/2006 Toronto Star: Out of thin air, radar reveals Earth's secrets
03/24/2006 University of Toronto News: Guelph man on ozone watch in Arctic
03/19/2006 The case of the missing ozone
03/18/2006 Toronto Star: Top of the World
03/18/2006 Toronto Star: Toronto researcher breathes new life into remote Arctic lab
03/09/2006 Toronto Star: Arctic Diary: March 9
03/08/2006 Toronto Star (08/Mar/2006): Arctic Diary: March 8
03/07/2006 Toronto Star (07/Mar/2006): Arctic Diary: March 7
03/06/2006 Toronto Star (07/Mar/2006): Arctic Diary: March 6
03/05/2006 Toronto Star (06/Mar/2006): Arctic Diary: March 5
02/28/2006 Universite de Sherbrooke: Deux professeurs etudient l'effet parasol des aerosols