Radiative Arctic

Leader of the theme: T. Duck
Contributors: D. Hudak, B. McArthur, N. O’Neill, R. Sica, J. Sloan, K. Strong, J. Whiteway, J. McConnell, T. Uttal

Climate is determined by the complex interplay between infrared light, the atmosphere, and the Earth's surface. In an effort to understand the observed climate change, ARE is characterizing the Arctic atmosphere's composition and structure. A lidar (laser radar) system measures profiles of atmospheric temperatures, aerosols (small particulates), clouds, and water vapour, and an Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI) is used to understand how they impact the infrared light that reaches the surface. Photometers and an aerosols mass spectrometer are used to determine the climatic impact of aerosols that are transported into the Arctic from lower latitudes.