Weather and Seasons

Lesson Plan Title

Weather and Seasons

General Goal(s)

This lesson will introduce seasonal changes and weather.

Specific Objectives

Use a computer presentation to introduce and discuss different types of weather and their relation to seasons and seasonal changes.

  • Types of weather and weather phenomena to be discussed: rain, snow, sunshine, clouds, wind, rainbows, fog

Show pictures of a variety of scientific instruments which can be used to measure the weather.

  • Types of instruments include: thermometer, barometer, wind sock, snow gauge

Make a weather related craft.

  • Weather puppets
    • Students can make a puppet representing a type of weather and use them to put on a puppet show
  • Weather Mobile
    • Students can make a four-pronged mobile with each prong representing a season. Drawings of corresponding weather types can be hung from each prong.

Required Materials

computer and projector, construction paper, glue, scissors, string, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, markers/crayons, scotch tape, pipe cleaners

Weather and Seasons Lesson Plan Gr. 1-3 PDF
Weather and Seasons PowerPoint Gr. 1-3 PDF
Weather and Seasons PowerPoint Gr. 1-3 (Teacher Notes Included) PDF

Step-By-Step Procedures

  • Deliver computer presentation. (25 min)
  • Have students make weather-related craft project. (35 min)
    • Weather Puppets
      • Using half a sheet of construction paper, draw and cut out a weather shape (sun, raindrop, cloud, rainbow, snowflake).
      • Attach weather shape to popsicle stick (handle) with scotch tape.
      • Add accessories/decorate using additional construction paper, markers.
      • Add arms/legs with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
    • Weather mobiles
      • Glue two popsicle sticks in an "x" shape to form mobile base.
      • Using scrap paper, draw small pictures of seasonal weather (snow for winter, rain for summer).
      • Using string, attach pictures to mobile and decorate.

☆ For weather puppets, allow students time put on puppet shows.

Plan for Independent Practice:

Allow students time to use their puppets together. Look for connections (rain - sun - rainbow).


  • During presentation, are students able to answer weather-related questions?
  • Do the puppets represent a weather type? Are students clear on the concept of weather phenomena?
  • Are there any connections being made when students play with puppets together?


Weather, rain, snow, wind, dew, frost, fog, rainbow, seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter, temperature, precipitation