Weather Instruments

Lesson Plan Title

Measuring the Weather

General Goal(s)

This lesson will introduce weather and the ways which weather can be measured.

Specific Objectives

Introduce weather measuring tools/instruments that are used at weather stations around Canada.

  • Types of instruments include: thermometer, barometer, wind sock, snow gauge

Show that weather can be measured using methods other than ground instruments.

  • Other methods of measuring weather include weather balloons and satellites.

Build a weather instrument or a model satellite/satellite launching rocket.

Required Materials

computer and projector, craft materials depending on chosen activity

Weather Instruments Lesson Plan Gr. 4-5 PDF
Weather Instruments Power Point Gr. 4-5 PDF
Weather Instruments Power Point Gr. 4-5 (Teacher Notes Included) PDF


Warm the class up with some weather-related jokes.

Step-By-Step Procedures

  • Weather jokes ( (5 min)
    • Why did your sister cut a hole in her new umbrella? Because she wanted to be able to tell when it stopped raining.
    • What did Santa Claus's wife say during a thunderstorm? 'Come and look at the rain, dear.'
    • Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days? Because then the children have to play inside.
  • Deliver computer presentation. (25 min)
  • Build and instrument/rocket/satellite. (30 min)
    • Weather measuring instruments
      • See useful links below for instructions
  • Satellites
    • See useful links below for instructions
  • Rockets

☆ For weather instruments, have students make measurements for several days.

Plan for Independent Practice

Have the students use their weather instruments to make measurements for several days. Ask them to compile the data and present it in the method of your choice.

Assessment Based on Objectives

  • Did the students follow instructions to build the instrument properly?
  • Are the students making accurate readings and interpretations with their instruments?
  • Is the record of these readings presented in a clear and correct manner?

Useful Links

Build a Weather Satellite

Weather Instruments

Canadian Space Agency


Weather, temperature, precipitation, cloud, wind, light, rainbow, moisture, pressure, measurements, satellite, weather balloons